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England is a Country, why have you decided not to include England in the charts in your Country and regional public sector finances: financial year ending 2020 Public sector revenue, expenditure and net fiscal balance on a country and regional basis publication?

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​Thank you for your request pertaining to our Country and regional public sector finances: financial year ending 2020 publication.

The aim of the country and regional public sector finances statistics is to provide users with information on what public sector expenditure has occurred, for the benefit of residents or enterprises, in each country or region of the UK and what public sector revenues have been raised in each country or region, as well as the balance between them.

The geographic boundaries used for countries and regions in the UK follow the International Territorial Levels, Level 1 (ITL1) definitions. The ITL1 are the largest geographic areas within the International Territorial Levels, with the UK territory divided into 12 regions: the nine English regions plus Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The charts in our publication show these 12 regions. In some cases, the UK was added to the charts for comparison. Note that the information about England can be found within the accompanying data tables.