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Please provide a breakdown of employment and unemployment by ethnicity, gender and age for Bradford, Yorkshire.

We said

Thank you for your query regarding employment and unemployment in Bradford.

We produce labour market statistics for local geographies from the Annual Population Survey (APS) based on International Labour Organisation (ILO) definitions. The APS is a household survey of people in the UK. The survey classifies individuals to labour market status based on their responses to the survey.

A wide range of labour market statistics are produced from the APS for Bradford local authority and are published on our Nomis website.

Due to small sample sizes, more detailed estimates will be either unreliable or unavailable. On Nomis, we publish some statistics by labour market status, sex and age, or labour market status, sex and ethnicity, however, we do not have published statistics from the survey that combines all the components of labour market status, sex, age and ethnicity.

The attached spreadsheet gives the range of statistics that we publish on Nomis across the categories of labour market status, sex, age and ethnicity, for Bradford local authority, for the twelve-month period January to December 2017. As you will see, some of the unemployment estimates at this level of breakdown are already suppressed, without including the further layer of breakdown.

The alternative source that could give information at this level of detail is the Census. Although the data will relate to 2011, the size of the Census means that more detailed breakdowns can be produced. Dataset DC6201EW gives breakdowns for sex, by age, by economic activity (labour market status), by ethnicity. This table is also available from Nomis;