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Please provide the number of blocks of flats in London. Ideally, I would like to exclude houses converted to flats from the statistic but if that's not possible than the total number of flats would still be very useful. I'm looking for the number of blocks of flats rather than the much larger number of flats within those blocks.

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Thank you for your request.

Unfortunately, we do not have current information about the number of blocks of flats. We do publish statistics about the number of transactions of flats or maisonettes in London, and for other geographical areas, but this does not show the overall number of flats, or blocks of flats in an area. Your request may be better placed with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, or contacting individual Local Authorities in London.

Although it is not current, the following information from the 2011 Census may be of interest to you;

KS401EW - Dwellings, household spaces and accommodation type (

Flat, maisonette or apartment: Purpose-built block of flats or tenement 1,274,526
Flat, maisonette or apartment: Part of a converted or shared house (including bed-sits) 429,456
Flat, maisonette or apartment: In a commercial building 62,795