You asked

Please supply the baby names figures for 2014.

We said

We are planning to release the most up to date baby names figures for 2014 in August/September 2015. As this is intended for future publication and will be freely available to members of the public, we feel Section 22(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act applies whereby information is exempt information if there is a view to publish the information at a future date. The Freedom of Information Act recognises the desirability of information being freely available in its own right, but Section 22 also acknowledges that public authorities must have freedom to be able to determine their own publication timetables. This allows them to deal with the necessary preparation, administration and context of publication.

In this situation the ONS consider that the public interest is best served through the public having confidence that the information published by ONS is accurate and final. Release on an ad-hoc basis would not achieve this aim and is likely to cause unnecessary confusion if they were misrepresented and cast possible doubt.