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Topic: Taxes and Revenue

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  • Longer-term trends - Public Sector Finance 21-Nov-2014
    These articles examine the longer-term trends for a number of key economic statistics, providing context in which to view more recent movements in these series.
  • Classification of Lloyds Banking Group and Subsidiaries 30-Apr-2014
    An overview of the classification history of Lloyds Banking Group and its subsidiaries, as well as the latest classification which applies from March 2014.
  • National Accounts Sector Classification 17-Dec-2013
    The UK agreed a number of actions with Eurostat following its regular Dialogue Visit in January 2012, one of which was a review by the ONS of the classification of Network Rail (NR) applying the updated guidance provided within the European System of Accounts (ESA10) and the revised, ESA10 compliant, Eurostat Manual on Government Deficit and Debt (MGDD).
  • Classification of Network Rail under European System of Accounts 2010 17-Dec-2013
    An explanation of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) decision to classify, for National Accounts purposes as a Central Government body under the European System of Accounts 2010 a Central Government body.
  • National Accounts Classifications, Forward Workplan, September 2013 30-Sep-2013
    This document provides a forward workplan of classification cases being considered by ONS over the next 6 months, and will be subsequently updated each quarter. The cases listed in this document are the major cases, with the potential for a significant impact on the key National Accounts, emplopyment or Public Sector Finance Statistics produced by ONS, but does not include the many, more minor cases that we examine on a regular basis. The next edition of the workplan will be published in December 2013.
  • Classification of Irish North-South Bodies, September 2011 30-Sep-2011
    This article explains changes to way the UK and Ireland treat the activities of a group of cross border bodies created following the Belfast Agreement in 1998. These bodies have historically been treated as international organisations, and treated as outside of the UK economic territory. Following discussions with Eurostat and Central Statistical Office, Ireland ONS has agreed to change they way it treats these bodies, bringing them into the national accounts as part of General Government, from their creation.

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