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Topic: Higher Education Skills and Qualifications

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  • Qualifications and Labour Market Participation in England and Wales 18-Jun-2014
    Analysis of labour market participation for usual residents aged 25 to 64 by their highest level of qualification in England and Wales using the 2011 Census.
  • National Well-being wheel of measures, March 2014 (Pdf 2801Kb) 18-Mar-2014
    The wheel contains all the domains of well-being and the measures contained within each one. In all cases the latest datapoint is shown. The wheel also contains the units of measurement as these vary depending on the indicator used.
  • Local Area Analysis of Qualifications Across England and Wales 07-Mar-2014
    Qualifications in England and Wales using 2011 Census data, exploring variations by region and local authority. The data focuses on the proportion of residents who have no qualifications, degree level or above qualification and apprenticeship.
  • Key Statistics and Quick Statistics for Local Authorites in the United Kingdom - Part 2 04-Dec-2013
    This statistical bulletin presents further key results for the UK population from the individual censuses of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The bulletin focuses on the topics of qualifications and labour market.
  • Full Report - Graduates in the UK Labour Market 2013 19-Nov-2013
    Graduates in the labour market in 2013. This report covers headline labour market numbers for graduates, the industries they work in, their earnings and the differences in labour market experiences for male and female graduates. It also covers the concentration of graduates across different regions of Great Britain.
  • Does Your Degree Define Your Career? 15-Apr-2013
    An analysis of the degree subjects people have studied compared with the occupations and sectors in which they work, using data from the Annual Population Survey. This article focuses on people working in London, and starts by looking at degree subject against occupation, then moves on to investigate industrial sectors, and includes examples of specific occupations and degree subjects, making comparisons between London and the UK.

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