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Key Publications

Article: Economic Review, March 2015 04-Mar-2015
The key economic stories from National Statistics produced over the latest month, painting a coherent picture of the UK economic performance using recent economic data.
Book: United Kingdom Economic Accounts, Q3 2014 (Pdf 956Kb) 23-Dec-2014
United Kingdom Economic Accounts Q3 2014
Book: The Blue Book 2014, All Tables (Pdf 717Kb) 31-Oct-2014
This contains a full version of all tables presented in The Blue Book 2014
Report: The Pink Book 2014, Part 1: Current Account Reference Tables (Pdf 130Kb) 31-Oct-2014
Part 1 reference tables, including the current account, trade in goods and services, investment income and current transfers.

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Latest Publications

Key Data

Reference table: Gross Domestic Product by Gross Value Added, Q4 2014 (Excel sheet 959Kb) 27-Jan-2015
The B1 data table and the quarterly and annual growths and indices published within the GDP statistical bulletin.
Reference table: Consumer Price Inflation Reference Tables, February 2015 (Excel sheet 2212Kb) 24-Mar-2015
Measures of Inflation data including CPI, CPIH, RPI and RPIJ. These tables complement the Consumer Price Inflation Time Series data sets available on the ONS website.
Reference table: Appendix A: Public Sector Finances tables 1 to 10, February 2015 (Excel sheet 5449Kb) 20-Mar-2015
The data underlying the Public Sector Finances statistical bulletin are presented in the tables PSA 1 to 10.

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