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Theme: Population

Key Publications

Statistical bulletin: Migration Statistics Quarterly Report, February 2015 26-Feb-2015
Provisional long-term International migration data. A coordinated release between the ONS, Home Office and DWP.
Statistical bulletin: Annual Mid-year Population Estimates, 2013 26-Jun-2014
Estimates of the usual resident population in the United Kingdom and its constituent countries as at 30 June 2013.
Statistical bulletin: Deaths Registered in England and Wales, 2013 16-Jul-2014
Annual data on death registrations. Contains death rates, cause of death data by sex and age and death registrations by area of residence and single year of age.
Statistical bulletin: National Population Projections, 2012-based Statistical Bulletin 06-Nov-2013
This statistical bulletin presents the key findings from the 2012-based national population projections.
Statistical bulletin: Births in England and Wales, 2013 16-Jul-2014
Annual data of live births, fertility rates, percentage of births outside marriage, sex ratio, mean age of mother and country of birth of mother and father.

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