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  • Identifying Science and Technology Businesses in Official Statistics 13-Feb-2015
    A proposed classification for Science and Technology (S&T) businesses in official data sources to better understand the contribution that they make to the economy.
  • International Trade in Services, 2013 30-Jan-2015
    A detailed breakdown of UK annual trade in services, by product, industry and country. These estimates are derived from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) International Trade in Services Survey.
  • Foreign Direct Investment Involving UK Companies, 2013 20-Jan-2015
    Data on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows, positions and earnings involving UK companies. The investment figures are published on a net basis, that is, they consist of investments minus disinvestments. Investments can include acquisitions of assets or shares and disinvestments can include the disposal of assets or shares.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Involving UK Companies, Q3 2014 02-Dec-2014
    Estimates of the value and numbers of mergers, acquisitions and disposals involving UK companies with values of £1.0 million or more. The information provided reflects solely the change in majority ownership (ordinary shares) and therefore only transactions which result in a change of ultimate control of the target company are included.
  • Business Demography, 2013 27-Nov-2014
    This statistical bulletin contains headline figures and commentary from the Business Demography 2013 publication. This product includes births, deaths and survivals of UK enterprises. The active stock of businesses is also shown, so that birth and death rates can be calculated.
  • Business Enterprise Research and Development, 2013 20-Nov-2014
    Estimates of expenditure and employment relating to R&D performed in the UK businesses in 2013, irrespective of the residence of the ultimate owner or user of the R&D produced are provided in this release.

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