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Release: United Kingdom Economic Accounts, Q4 2013

Released: 28 March 2014


Michael Rizzo

National Accounts

Telephone: +44 (0)1633 456366

Categories: Economy, National Accounts, National Income, Expenditure and Output, UK Sector Accounts

Frequency of release: Quarterly

Language: English

Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: UK and GB

Provides detailed estimates of national product, income and expenditure, UK sector accounts and UK balance of payments.

Announcement of change to United Kingdom Economic Accounts (UKEA) and Balance of Payments (BoP) CDIDs

EA17 is changing to EA18 in the next United Kingdom Economic Accounts (UKEA) and in the Balance of Payments (BoP) publications.

Changes will affect Tables B6 and B6A, in the UKEA.

Latvia joined the Euro Area on 1 January  2014, therefore the 2014 Quarter One edition of the UKEA will include Latvia within the time series for transactions with Euro Area 18 (EA) members shown in tables B6 and B6A. As a result of this change to coverage, all the time series for transactions with Euro Area members will have new four character identifiers - there will be changes in identifiers for Trade in Services, Trade in Goods, Trade in Goods and Services, Income, Current Transfers and Total.

Below is a list of the old four character identifiers that will be changed in the 2014 Quarter One edition of the UKEA.

Table     EA17 CDID     EA18 CDID      Metadata
B6A       QATL              MHO2              Credits: Exports of Goods
B6A       K9HU              MSB5              Credits: Exports of Services
B6A       K9HQ              MSC5              Credits: Total Exports of Goods & Services
B6A       KHS4              MSU7              Credits: Income
B6A       K9GG              MSB7              Credits: Current Transfers
B6A       KHS7              MSX6              Total Current Account Credits
B6A       QBRM              MHO4              Debits: Imports of Goods
B6A       K9OH              MSC7              Debits: Imports of Services
B6A       K9OD              MSC9              Debits: Total Imports of Goods & Services
B6A       KHS5              MSV4              Debits: Income
B6A       K9MG              MSCC              Debits: Current Transfers
B6A       KHS8              MSX7              Total Current Account Debits
B6A       QBRX              MHN8              Balance: Trade in Goods
B6A       K9TG              MSD2              Balance: Trade in Services
B6A       K9TC              MSD3              Balance: Total Trade in Goods & Services
B6A       KHS6              MSV6              Balance: Income
B6A       K9SZ              MSD4              Balance: Current Transfers
B6A       KHS9              MSX8              Total Current Account Balances


Supplementary tables X1 & X2 will no longer be published within this publication from 2014 quarter 1 onwards. The tables and data will continue to be published as tables K1 & K2 within the Quarterly National Accounts Statistical Bulletin available on-line at



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