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30 Nov 2015 E-commerce and ICT Activity, 2014
Estimates of the values of e-commerce and the adoption and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by UK businesses are provided in this release
Statistical bulletin
27 Nov 2015 Business Investment, Quarter 3 (July to Sept) 2015 Provisional Results
Estimates of investment in assets, such as dwellings, including business investment and total gross fixed capital formation (GFCF)
Statistical bulletin
27 Nov 2015 Second Estimate of GDP, Quarter 3 (July to Sept) 2015
Estimates of the key components of GDP from the output, income and expenditure approaches.
Statistical bulletin
27 Nov 2015 Index of Services, September 2015
Monthly movements in gross value added for the service industries, which overall account for around 78.6% of UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Statistical bulletin
26 Nov 2015 Migration Statistics Quarterly Report, November 2015
Provisional long-term International migration data. A coordinated release between ONS, Home Office and DWP.
Statistical bulletin
26 Nov 2015 National Balance Sheet, 2015 Estimates
Market value of the financial and non-financial assets for the UK. As such they are a measure of the wealth of the UK.
Statistical bulletin
26 Nov 2015 Focus on property crime, 2014 to 2015
Analyses from the 2014 to 2015 Crime Survey for England and Wales and crimes recorded by police.
Statistical bulletin
25 Nov 2015 Services Producer Price Indices - Quarter 3 (Jul to Sep) 2015
Service Producer Price Indices providing a measure of inflation for the UK service sector.
Statistical bulletin
25 Nov 2015 Excess Winter Mortality in England and Wales 2014/15 (Provisional) and 2013/14 (Final)
A measure of the increase in winter mortality, provided on an annual basis, in the form of the excess winter mortality figure.
Statistical bulletin
25 Nov 2015 Annual Small Area Population Estimates, Mid-2014 and Mid-2013
Mid-2014 and Mid-2013 small area population estimates - detailed analysis and further information on lower and middle layer Super Output Areas, Wards and other geographies.
Statistical bulletin
24 Nov 2015 Business Demography, 2014
Births, deaths and survivals of UK enterprises. The active stock of businesses is also shown, so that birth and death rates can be calculated.
Statistical bulletin
23 Nov 2015 Divorces in England and Wales, 2013
Dissolutions and annulments of marriage by previous marital status, sex and age of divorcees, children and facts proven and to whom granted.
Statistical bulletin
20 Nov 2015 Overseas Travel and Tourism, Provisional Results for September 2015
Monthly estimates of completed international visits to and from the UK and earnings and expenditure associated with these visits
Statistical bulletin
20 Nov 2015 Public Sector Finances, October 2015
Indicators of UK government fiscal performance: Public Sector Current Budget Deficit (PSCB), Net Borrowing (PSNB), Net Debt (PSND) and PSND as a percentage of GDP.
Statistical bulletin
20 Nov 2015 Business Enterprise Research and Development, 2014
Estimates of expenditure and employment relating to R&D performed in the UK businesses in 2014, irrespective of the residence of the ultimate owner or user of the R&D produced.
Statistical bulletin
20 Nov 2015 Health Expectancies at birth by Middle Layer Super Output Areas, England, Inequality in Health and Life Expectancies within Upper Tier Local Authorities: 2009 to 2013
Estimates of health expectancy for small area populations based on self assessed health and self assessed activity limitation.
Statistical bulletin
19 Nov 2015 Young people not in education, employment or training (NEET), November 2015
Estimates for young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) in the UK.
Statistical bulletin
19 Nov 2015 Cancer Survival in England: adults diagnosed in 2009 to 2013, followed up to 2014
1-year and 5-year net survival for adults (aged 15 to 99) in England diagnosed with one of 24 common cancers between 2009 and 2013 and followed up to 2014.
Statistical bulletin
19 Nov 2015 Retail Sales, October 2015
A first estimate of retail sales in volume and value terms, seasonally and non-seasonally adjusted.
Statistical bulletin
18 Nov 2015 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, 2015 Provisional Results
Levels, distribution and make-up of earnings and hours worked for UK employees by sex and full-time/part-time status in all industries and occupations.
Statistical bulletin
18 Nov 2015 Low Pay, April 2015 
The lower end of the earnings distribution and estimates for the number of jobs paid below the National Minimum Wage (NMW).
Statistical bulletin
17 Nov 2015 House Price Index, September 2015
Mix-adjusted average house prices and house price indices for the UK and its component countries and regions.
Statistical bulletin
17 Nov 2015 Consumer Price Inflation, October 2015
CPI, CPIH, RPI and RPIJ inflation price indices for October 2015 - brief description and analysis.
Statistical bulletin
17 Nov 2015 Producer Price Inflation, October 2015
Input and output index producer price series of materials and fuels purchased and output of manufacturing industry by broad sector.
Statistical bulletin
16 Nov 2015 Births by Parents' Characteristics in England and Wales, 2014
Live births by age of mother and father, type of registration, median interval between births, number of previous live-born children and National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (NS-SEC).
Statistical bulletin

Current and future releases

Release date Title
Today National Accounts Sector Classification - Classification Update, November 2015
30 Nov 2015 Construction Output Price Indices (OPIs) - Interim solution, Q3 2015
30 Nov 2015 ICT Activity of UK Businesses - 2014
30 Nov 2015 The Distribution of Household Income, Consumption and Savings, an OECD study - 2015
01 Dec 2015 Further Parental Characteristics, England and Wales - 2014 - CANCELLED
01 Dec 2015 Characteristics of Mother 2, England and Wales - 2014 - CANCELLED
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