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How we planned for data delivery

What are census outputs?

Census outputs are the facts and figures produced from the questionnaires collected on census day. The information from the questionnaires is processed to produce a database from which results are drawn. Information about identifiable individuals is never released.

The data are presented either as simple estimates, such as the number of children, or as figures which relate one topic to another, such as the number of children in one parent families. The linking of topics is one of the most valuable features of a census.


We conducted a series of consultations to define the range of products and services that would be made available from the 2011 Census.

The first main consultation on 2011 Census outputs gathered user requirements. The second consultation on 2011 Census outputs was designed to make sure that the outputs designed in response to the initial phase reflected user requests and met expectations. Read about the outputs consultations.


Release plans for the 2011 Census statistics are set out in the prospectus. It describes the statistics that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) will be releasing, and lays out when ONS intends to publish them. Table layouts are also available in the prospectus (second release) as well as a look-up file between 2011 – 2001 censuses.

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