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Consultations, users and local partners

The investment of time and resources in a national census can only be justified if the results are accessible to users and meet their needs. This involves wide consultation in accordance with the principles and practices set out in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Work on the census will also be carried out in accordance with the guidance provided in the Protocol on Customer Services and User Consultation, which was one of twelve protocols originally published to support the principles set out in the previous National Statistics Code of Practice.

The main objective of the 2011 Census is to provide high quality population statistics as required by a wide range of users including policy makers, service providers, academics, commercial enterprises and the general public. To achieve this, extensive consultations have taken place defining a range of 2011 Census products and services that will meet the needs of users. These products and services are intended to cover users who wish to obtain a broad overview for a particular area, and more demanding users who require very detailed and specific information about a topic.

Consultation on the main series of statistical outputs took place between January and April 2011.
Smaller consultations on more specialist products and services also took place throughout 2011. These included:

  • microdata products

  • origin – destination data (flows)

  • minority group regionally based outputs

  • analytical product

 A prospectus detailing the proposed outputs was published at the end of March 2012. 

Give us your views

Consultation activities include specific arrangements for users to submit comments for review and further discussion. However, Census Customer Services invites comments on any aspect of the census at any time from individuals, communities, user groups and organisations. We welcome your feedback and will consider this carefully in our census plans.

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