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Unit Trusts: Annual Return of Liabilities and Assets


The survey collects data on the assets and liabilities of unit trusts at the end of the year.

The data are supplied to National Accounts customers for use in the Financial and Sector Accounts and the compilation of UK GDP estimates within the UK National Accounts and the UK Balance of Payments.  There are numerous other users within and outside government who use the data to produce various financial analyses and to inform policy decisions.


Selection Criteria: UK unit trust fund managers (authorised by the FCA)

Population: approximately 102

Sample: approximately 90

Frequency: annual

Dispatch Date: 2 January

Return by Date: 8 May

Please note that the dispatch and return-by dates are a guide, they are subject to change due to national holidays and weekends. 

Where are the data published?

MQ5: Investment by Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Trusts (combined with Property Unit Trusts)


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