Measures of National Well-being

Monitors and reports how the UK is doing by producing accepted and trusted measures for the different areas of life that matter most to the UK public.

The dashboard provides a visual overview of the data and can be explored by the areas of life (domains) or by the direction of change. It supports the Measuring National Well-being programme which provides a more detailed look at life in the UK

We assess change over a short term (1 year) and long term (3 year) basis. Change is assessed over a 1 year basis in the dashboard below, however trend information can be found below in the graphs for each indicator.

The latest update provides a broadly positive picture of life in the UK, with the majority of indicators either improving or staying the same over the 1 year period. Areas of life that are improving include: satisfaction with our lives, jobs, health and leisure time. One area deteriorated over the 1 year – waste from households that is recycled.

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