This dashboard provides a visual overview of the indicators of national well-being. It supports our Quality of life in the UK publication series, which provides further commentary on how the UK is faring across different areas of life.

National well-being is focused on measuring how people in the UK are doing as individuals, as communities, and as a nation. Reporting of change over time supports evaluation of the UK’s progress and future sustainability of national well-being.

The measures of national well-being are organised into 10 areas (domains). Both objective and subjective data are included. Our Quality of life in the UK dataset contains further detail, including current and historical data, sub-population breakdowns by country, region, age and sex for the latest data (where available), accompanying quality information (where available) and relevant notes to guide correct interpretation of the data.

Historical trends in the data are charted for each indicator in the accompanying dashboard. Over-time changes are assessed using non-overlapping 95% confidence intervals (where available) or guidance from the data owner where confidence intervals are not available. We assess and report long-term change by comparing the latest data with those from five years previously or, if not available, to the next previous figure. Short-term change over the previous year, or to the most recent previous figure is also presented in the chart commentary.

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The national well-being indicators come from several data sources with different geographical coverage and data collection periods. As such, caution should be exercised when making comparisons between indicators and over time. When interpreting the latest estimates and the presented assessments of change, the potential impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on data collection and the reported scores should be considered.

Review of the Measures of National Well-being

On 3 October 2022, we launched a review of the ONS Measures of National Well-being; the recommendations from this consultation will be published in Spring 2023, please see our Response summary: Review of the Measures of National Well-being for more information. 

The dashboard canvas is hidden from screenreaders. The main message is that 15 out of 44 measurse have improved, 13 could not be assessed, 9 have deteriorated and 7 have not changed. The data behind the dashboard is available to download as the Quality of life in the UK dataset.