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  • Internal migration: England and Wales local authority to region lookup

    Dataset | Released on 24 June 2020

    A lookup table listing each local authority in England and Wales, the region it is located within, its local authority code and region code.

    Keywords: population change, international migration, internal migration, local authority

  • Births and infant mortality by ethnicity, England and Wales

    Dataset | Released on 26 May 2021

    Live births, stillbirths and infant deaths by ethnicity of the baby, England and Wales, 2007 to 2019

    Keywords: still births, livebirths, infant health, babies

  • Annex B: Definitions of U-2 to U-6 using Labour Force Survey variables

    Dataset | Released on 19 October 2017

    Description of the variable names used to generate LFS-derived measures of U-2 to U-6.

    Keywords: Underemployment, labour market, UK

  • Glossary

    Article | Released on 17 November 2016

    Contains a comprehensive list of descriptions for the names and terms used in ONS's Administrative Data Research Outputs.

    Keywords: Index, explanations, explanatory, phrases, terminology

  • Recorded crime data at Community Safety Partnership and local authority level

    Dataset | Released on 25 April 2019

    Recorded crime figures for Community Safety Partnerships which equates in the majority of instances to local authorities . The data are rolling 12 month totals, with data points shown at the end of each financial year between year ending March 2003 and year ending March 2007 and at the end of each quarter from June 2007. The data cover local authority boundaries from April 2009 onwards and local authority area names correspond to Community Safety Partnership areas.

    Keywords: criminal activity, personal experience, victims, offence