• measures the well-being of households and individuals by assessing their assets, savings and debt, and planning for retirement
  • provide data users with the ability to measure changes of wealth in Great Britain over time
  • also known as the “household assets survey”

This survey fills a gap by providing information on wealth and indebtedness at a household and personal level.

The longitudinal element adds to this already rich dataset by allowing users of the data to analyse levels of change across all waves from lower levels of wealth and indebtedness to households' or individuals’ total wealth.

The survey has a large sample size and almost complete coverage of Great Britain. It samples private households in Great Britain excluding north of the Caledonian Canal, the Scottish Islands and the Isles of Scilly.

Data from the survey have been released from each wave in a series of publications:

Access to the datasets is provided to approved researchers under special user licence by the UK Data Archive and Virtual Microdata Laboratory.

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