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  • Coronavirus and the social impacts on disabled people in Great Britain: February 2021 (Latest release)

    Article | Released on 9 April 2021

    The social impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on disabled people in Great Britain; indicators from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey.

    Keywords: coronavirus, corona virus, COVID19, COVID-19, COVID 19, inequality, well-being, vaccination, impairment, impact on life

  • Outcomes for disabled people in the UK: 2020 (Latest release)

    Article | Released on 18 February 2021

    Outcomes for disabled people across education, employment, social participation, housing, well-being, loneliness and crime by disability status and by age, sex, impairment type and severity, country and region based on survey data.

    Keywords: disability, , education, disability, employment, social participation, housing, well-being, loneliness, crime

  • Disability pay gaps in the UK: 2018 (Latest release)

    Article | Released on 2 December 2019

    Earnings and employment for disabled and non-disabled people in the UK, raw disability pay gaps and factors that affect pay for disabled people.

    Keywords: impairments, income inequality, occupations, gender pay gap, regional pay

  • Improving disability data in the UK: 2019 (Latest release)

    Article | Released on 2 December 2019

    An introductory article looking at global drivers for improving how we look at disability, including a summary of new analysis on disabled people’s lives, and proposals for addressing the gaps in evidence.

    Keywords: Inequality, impairment, disabled, disability rights, equality, impairment, equality, rights, disabled, inequality

  • Measuring disability: comparing approaches (Latest release)

    Article | Released on 6 August 2019

    Comparison of the Equality Act measure of disability used in Great Britain to the United Nations recommended measures of disability, based on the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey in January 2019

    Keywords: international measures of disability, impairments, health conditions, disability surveys

  • Nearly one in five people had some form of disability in England and Wales (Latest release)

    Article | Released on 13 July 2015

    Keywords: People, population and community, 2011 Census, Health,

  • Disability in England and Wales: 2011 and comparison with 2001 (Latest release)

    Article | Released on 30 January 2013

    Keywords: 2011 Census, quick statistics, household resident, communal establishment resident, usual resident, household composition, dependent children, long-term health problem, lone parent households, employment, ethnic group, ethnicity, race, English language, main language, religion, health, care, long-term health problem, accommodation type, household spaces, qualifications, economic activity, hours worked, employment, industry, occupation, short story