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  • Homeworking in the UK labour market

    Dataset | Released on 17 May 2021

    Breakdowns of the prevalence of homeworking by industry, occupation, region, age, sex and ethnicity.

    Keywords: covid19, COVID-19, remote working, work, home

  • Coronavirus and the social impacts on Great Britain: attitudes to attending events

    Dataset | Released on 14 May 2021

    Indicators from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey covering the period 28 April to 3 May 2021 to understand current attitudes of adults in Great Britain to attending events compared to before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Indicators are available broken down by age, sex, region, ethnicity, disability status, clinical extremely vulnerable status and vaccination status.

    Keywords: events, social distancing, vaccination, mass testing, covid vaccines, COVID19

  • Coronavirus and depression in adults in Great Britain

    Dataset | Released on 5 May 2021

    Estimates of adults with depressive symptoms with breakdowns by characteristic. Includes comparisons with earlier periods throughout and before the pandemic. Analysis is based on the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey.
  • Coronavirus and the social impacts on disabled people in Great Britain

    Dataset | Released on 9 April 2021

    Indicators from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Opinions and Lifestyle Survey to understand the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on disabled people in Great Britain.

    Keywords: vunerable group, inequality, community support, well-being, coronavirus, corona virus, COVID19, COVID 19, COVID-19

  • Barriers to COVID-19 vaccination

    Dataset | Released on 26 March 2021

    Actual and expected barriers to COVID-19 vaccination. Data are based on the COVID-19 module of the OPN, collected between 17 and 21 March 2021.

    Keywords: Coronavirus, health, well-being, society, COVID-19

  • Worries about return to school or college

    Dataset | Released on 12 March 2021

    Analysis on worries about children or young people's return to school or college. Based on the coronavirus (COVID-19) module of the OPN, collected between 3 and 7 March 2021.

    Keywords: coronavirus, health, well-being, society, COVID-19

  • Coronavirus and vaccine attitudes and behaviours in England: over 80s population

    Dataset | Released on 4 March 2021

    Attitudes, behaviours and well-being of people aged over 80 years in England in relation to coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination.

    Keywords: COVID-19, vaccination, elderly

  • COVID-19 Schools Infection Survey Round 2

    Dataset | Released on 1 March 2021

    Initial estimates of staff and pupils testing positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) across a sample of schools within selected local authority areas in England.

    Keywords: school, pupil, staff, infection, coronavirus

  • Coronavirus and homeschooling in Great Britain

    Dataset | Released on 19 February 2021

    Analysis of homeschooling in Great Britain during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN). Data relate to homeschooling from the COVID-19 module of the OPN, collected between 13 January and February 2021

    Keywords: home schooling, learning from home, education, parents, learning online

  • Updated estimates of coronavirus (COVID-19) related deaths by disability status, England

    Dataset | Released on 11 February 2021

    Estimates of differences in COVID-19 mortality risk by self-reported disability status and diagnosed learning disability status for deaths occurring up to 20 November 2020, using linked data from the 2011 Census, death registrations, and primary care and hospital records.

    Keywords: risk of death, inequalities, mortality, disabilities