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Population type
All usual residents aged 16 years and over
Area type
Middle Layer Super Output Areas
Change Area type
England and Wales
Change Coverage
Gender identity
7 categories
  • Gender identity the same as sex registered at birth
  • Gender identity different from sex registered at birth but no specific identity given
  • Trans woman
  • Trans man
  • All other gender identities
  • Not answered
  • Does not apply

Variable and dataset information

Area type

Census 2021 statistics are published for a number of different geographies. These can be large, for example the whole of England, or small, for example an output area (OA), the lowest level of geography for which statistics are produced.

For higher levels of geography, more detailed statistics can be produced. When a lower level of geography is used, such as output areas (which have a minimum of 100 persons), the statistics produced have less detail. This is to protect the confidentiality of people and ensure that individuals or their characteristics cannot be identified.

Middle layer Super Output Areas

Middle layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) are made up of groups of Lower layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs), usually four or five. They comprise between 2,000 and 6,000 households and have a usually resident population between 5,000 and 15,000 persons.


Census 2021 statistics are published for the whole of England and Wales. However, you can choose to filter areas by:

  • country - for example, Wales
  • region - for example, London
  • local authority - for example, Cornwall
  • health area – for example, Clinical Commissioning Group
  • statistical area - for example, MSOA or LSOA

Gender identity

Classifies people according to the responses to the gender identity question. This question was voluntary and was only asked of people aged 16 years and over.