Corrections and notices


02 December 2021

We have corrected a suppression error in summarystatistics-corrected.xlsx for the following tables: Ethnicity, Highest qualficiation, Duration out of work, Time spent looking for work, NUTS1 Region. The previous version had incorrect suppression for identified values. It should have had suppression applied to these identified values. This happened because of a human error.


01 April 2021

The previous version of these tables did not include the number of people who return to work or stay out of employment, split by ethnicity and age group. These data have now been included in Table 19.

About this Dataset

Labour Force Survey (LFS) estimates of the number of people out of work who either returned to employment or remained out of employment in three-month periods, broken down by a range of personal characteristics.

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January - March 2007 to October - December 2020 edition of this dataset

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