01 April 2021

The previous version of these tables did not include a control variable for economic status. All models included this variable, so it has now been included.

The previous version of tables 12-16 did not include missing/inapplicable categories for the duration out of work variable, and the ever had a paid job variable. Where applicable, these categories have now been included.

We have corrected an error in Table 8, ‘Enabling and disabling factors of the likelihood of returning to employment in the next quarter, Wales only’. The previous version included odds ratios with incorrect significance labels. These have now been amended.

Finally we also corrected errors in Table 3, 5, 9 and 10. The previous version included incorrect values which were out by +/-0.01 mostly. These have now been amended.

These errors happened because of human error.

About this Dataset

Experimental statistics using pooled data from the Labour Force Survey 2007 – 2020, and Understanding Society Longitudinal Surveys 2009 – 2018, to understand the enabling and disabling factors that could contribute to an individual's likelihood of returning to work. These tables present modelled estimates of the differences between different groups’ likelihood of returning to work in the next three months or year long periods, over the time frame.

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2007 - 2020 edition of this dataset

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