All data related to Labour productivity: April to June 2017

  • Breakdown of contributions, whole economy and sectors

    Dataset | Released on 4 November 2020

    Provides estimates of contributions to labour productivity (measured as output per hour - OPH) using the 'Generalised Exactly Additive Decomposition' (GEAD) methodology as described in Tang and Wang (2004), UK.

    Keywords: Productivity measure, Economy Prices, Economy

  • Historical series of labour productivity

    Dataset | Released on 6 October 2017

    Longer runs of selected productivity and unit labour cost series

    Keywords: Economy, Productivity measure, Economy Prices

  • Labour productivity by industry division

    Dataset | Released on 4 November 2020

    Productivity hours and output per hour by industry division (two-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)). Seasonally and non-seasonally adjusted. Experimental Statistics, UK.

    Keywords: output, hour, job

  • Labour productivity time series

    Dataset | Dataset ID: PRDY | Released on 4 November 2020

    Quarterly output per hour, output per job and output per worker for the whole UK economy and a range of industries, including unit labour costs.

    Keywords: Output per hour, Output per job, Output per worker, Unit labour costs

  • Labour productivity: revisions triangles

    Dataset | Dataset ID: LPRODREV | Released on 23 November 2020

    Revisions triangles for the main labour productivity variables.

    Keywords: unit labour costs, unit wage costs

  • Labour productivity: Tables 1 to 8 and R1

    Dataset | Dataset ID: LPROD01 | Released on 4 November 2020

    Quarterly output per hour, output per job and output per worker for the whole UK economy and a range of industries.

    Keywords: productivity, jobs, hours, workers

  • Productivity jobs, productivity hours, market sector workers, market sector hours

    Dataset | Dataset ID: LPROD02 | Released on 4 November 2020

    Underlying labour inputs behind the labour productivity estimates by industry and industrial sector as defined by the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), UK.
  • Quarterly regional productivity hours and jobs (NUTS1)

    Dataset | Released on 4 November 2020

    Quarterly UK productivity hours and jobs for the Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics: NUTS1 regions. Seasonally adjusted and non-seasonally adjusted experimental statistics, UK.
  • Region by industry labour productivity

    Dataset | Dataset ID: INDBYREG | Released on 5 February 2020

    Productivity hours, productivity jobs, output per hour, and output per job by UK NUTS1 regions (and devolved nations) and industry section. Quarterly Experimental Statistics.

    Keywords: regional productivity, industry by region, hours, jobs

  • Sectional unit labour costs

    Dataset | Dataset ID: LPRODSULC | Released on 7 April 2020

    Sectional unit labour costs and revisions from previously published estimates, UK.