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Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE), proportion of employee jobs earning between specified gross annual pay bands (>£0.00 and <£7,550, >=£7,550 and <£9,925, >=£9,925 and <£12,500, >=£12,500 and <£17,500, >=£17,500 and <£22,500, >=£22,500 and <£30,000, >=£30,000 and <£50,000, >=£50,000 and <£100,000 and £100,000+) and specified industry groupings (Consumer goods, consumer services, financial,  healthcare, industrial, oil & gas, technology, telecommunications and utilities) in the UK for 2016. Figures are given separately for all, full-time, part-time, male and female employees. The coefficients of variation are also provided.

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