ONS is developing a revised and updated set of data standards to ensure that we adopt a consistent, rule-based approach to data management and comply with our data and statistical policies. It is important that these standards are regularly reviewed to ensure that our data practices remain up-to-date and fit for purpose, and evolve in line with changing technologies, data sources, and statistical practices. Our current landscape of data standards includes the following categories:

  • Data Inflow Standards

  • Data Provider Standards

  • Metadata Standards

  • Data Format Standards

  • Data File Format Standards

  • Data Management Standards

  • Standardised Variable Standards

  • Statistical Unit Definition Standards

  • Classification Standards

  • Linking and Matching Standards

  • Data Sharing Standards

  • Data Organisation Standards

  • Governance Standards

Each category above contains clusters of more detailed standards.

For further details please contact data.architecture@ons.gov.uk