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I'm looking for some census 2011 figures for age and ethnicity breakdowns, I can find population split by age or split by ethnicity but not both together.

If possible please can I have a breakdown of population by age and ethnicity for Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight:

Also, I am aware that you do mid-year estimates for some population data sets, are there currently any plans to do mid-year estimates that include an ethnicity breakdown?

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You have made a Freedom of Information Request for information on ethnicity for the Isle of Wight, county of Hampshire and the unitary authorities of Portsmouth and Southampton. The information in the attached spreadsheet has been extracted from the 2011 Census (Local Characteristic Tables) and provides details by age and ethnicity for each of the specified areas. Some guidance on specific concepts and definitions used in the tables is set out below

Usual Resident - the main population base for outputs from the 2011 Census is the usual resident population on census day (27th March 2011). For 2011 Census purposes, a usual resident is anyone who, on census day, was in the UK and had stayed or intended to stay in the UK for a period of 12 months or more, or had a permanent UK address and was outside the UK and intended to be outside the UK for less than 12 months.

Ethnic Group - classifies people according to their own perceived ethnic group or cultural background. The table includes both tick box and write-in responses.

Age - is derived from the date of birth question and is a person’s age at their last birthday, at 27 March 2011. Dates of birth that imply an age over 115 are treated as invalid and the person’s age is imputed. Infants less than one year old are classified as 0 years of age.

Further information on census definitions, variables and classifications can be accessed from the attached link

We have reviewed the range of standard outputs produced from the 2011 Census on ethnicity and unfortunately there are no tables available providing breakdowns by single year of age for the specified areas. However, a bespoke service is available which may enable you to commission a special table. Advice on how to request a table can be found here:

The Census Commissioned Tables team are responsible for estimating the costs and delivery time for any new commissions. In all cases any table that is produced must adhere to our strict disclosure control process to ensure that there is no risk of releasing any personal information.

If you wish to obtain additional information from the 2011 Census for England and Wales please contact the Census Customer Services Team at It is not necessary to make a Freedom of Information request.

We do not have any plans currently to produce population estimates by ethnic group.

LC2109EWls - Ethnic group by age (37 Kb Excel sheet)