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​I would like to know what the drop in population would be after March 2020, due to new deportation proposals. I would also like to know what this 20 year drop would look like compared to predictions prior to the Home Office's deportation proposals.

We said

Thank you for your request.

Our population projections take observed trends and project them forward to show what the population would lool like in future if those trends persisted. National population projections do not attempt to predict the impact of political circumstances such as leaving the EU or changes to deportation policy.

Our principal projection is based on assumptions considered to best reflect recent patterns of fertility, life expectancy and migration. It is not possible to know how these patterns may change in future so, to reflect this uncertainty, we also produce a number of variant population projections, based on alternative future scenarios.

The Home Office are responsible for deportations and may be able to help you with data about them.

When accessing any of our files please read the 'notes, terms and conditions' contained within them.

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