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Theme: Agriculture and Environment

Key Publications

Statistical bulletin: UK Environmental Accounts, 2014 02-Jul-2014
Environmental accounts show how the environment contributes to the economy, the impacts that the economy has on the environment, and how society responds to environmental issues. They include natural capital accounts (oil and gas), physical accounts (fuel use, energy consumption, atmospheric emissions, material flows, and water), and monetary accounts (environmental taxes and environmental protection expenditure). For 2014, experimental natural capital accounts (land use and forestry) are also included. Environmental accounts are ‘satellite accounts’ to the main National Accounts and they are compiled in accordance with the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA), which closely follows the UN System of National Accounts (SNA). This means that they are comparable with economic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Article: Measuring National Well-being, The Natural Environment 07-Nov-2012
The article is published as part of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Measuring National Well-being programme. The programme aims to produce accepted and trusted measures of the well-being of the nation – how the UK as a whole is doing. This article explores in more detail the aspects of the Natural Environment that are considered important for measuring National Well-being. It includes information on the environmental assets available to us, how they are used and the pressure that places on the natural environment.

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Key Data

Reference table: Atmospheric Emissions: Greenhouse Gas Emissions: By Economic Sector and Gas, United Kingdom (Excel sheet 439Kb) 02-Jul-2014
Emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydro-fluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, sulphur hexaflouride, and total greenhouse gas emissions, for 1990 to 2012
Reference table: Atmospheric Emissions: Road Transport Emissions: By Pollutant, United Kingdom (Excel sheet 117Kb) 02-Jul-2014
Emissions generated from fuel sources used by road transport vehicles, for 1990 to 2012
Reference table: Energy: Bridging Tables (Excel sheet 196Kb) 02-Jul-2014
Show the relationships between Environmental Accounts measures and Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics (DUKES) measures, for 1990 to 2012
Reference table: Atmospheric Emissions: Acid Rain Precursor Emissions: By Economic Sector and Gas, United Kingdom (Excel sheet 302Kb) 02-Jul-2014
Emissions of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ammonia, and total acid rain precursors, 1990 to 2012

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