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Topic: Societal Wellbeing

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  • National Well-being Measures, September 2014 24-Sep-2014
    Updated national well-being measures data are published in Spring and Autumn each year. This is the Autumn 2014 update.
  • National Well-being wheel of measures, September 2014 (Pdf 2800Kb) 24-Sep-2014
    The wheel contains all the domains of well-being and the measures contained within each one. In all cases the latest datapoint is shown. The wheel also contains the units of measurement as these vary depending on the indicator used.
  • Personal Well-being in the UK, 2013/14 24-Sep-2014
    2013/14 Personal Well-being findings from the Annual Population Survey, with analysis by country, region and local areas and individual characteristics.
  • Human Capital Estimates, 2013 20-Aug-2014
    The value of human capital for 2013, including for employed people in different age groups, and by education levels. It also shows changes in human capital values during the economic downturn.
  • Measuring National Well-being: Insights across Society, the Economy and the Environment, 2014 22-Jul-2014
    Summarises the outputs from the Measuring National Well-being (MNW) Programme since its launch in November 2010. Highlighting how Programme outputs have contributed to a better understanding of national well-being, domestic and international impacts and identifies future challenges.
  • Measuring Social Capital 18-Jul-2014
    Proposed headline measures of social capital for intended use in policy development and research. Part of the ONS Measuring National Well-being programme. ONS will continue to develop the measures responding to feedback from users and experts.

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