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Topic: Lifestyles and Behaviours

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  • Adult Drinking Habits in Great Britain, 2013 13-Feb-2015
    Teetotalism, drinking in the week before interview, binge drinking (heavy episodic drinking) and frequent drinking, including changes in drinking patterns in recent years.
  • Alcohol-related Deaths in the United Kingdom, Registered in 2013 11-Feb-2015
    Alcohol-related deaths in the UK, its four constituent countries and regions of England. Comparisons are made between 2013, the latest year, and previously published data from 2004 onwards.
  • Adult Smoking Habits in Great Britain, 2013 25-Nov-2014
    Covers the proportion who smoke cigarettes, cigarette consumption and type of cigarette smoked (packeted or hand-rolled). Includes preliminary findings from analysis of e-cigarette data. Trends and demographic breakdowns are provided.
  • Deaths Related to Drug Poisoning in England and Wales, 2013 03-Sep-2014
    Drug poisoning and misuse deaths in England and Wales from 1993 onwards, by cause of death, sex, age and substances involved in the death.
  • Measuring National Well-being: European Comparisons, 2014 18-Jun-2014
    Comparing the UK with the European Union across key areas of well-being. Where available using directly comparable or proxy measure data from five sources: Eurostat, the European Quality of Life Survey, Eurobarometer, the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) and the World Gallup Poll.
  • Adult Health in Great Britain, 2012 01-Apr-2014
    This release looks at the prevalence of long-standing illnesses or disabilities (including limiting long-standing illnesses or disabilities).

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