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  • Internet Access – Households and Individuals 2015 06-Aug-2015
    Estimates about how adults use the internet, and households in Great Britain with internet access. It includes information on online purchasing.
  • Internet Users, 2015 22-May-2015
    Adults who have used the internet in the last 3 months. Adults who have used the internet over 3 months ago. Adults who have never used the internet.
  • Monitoring e-commerce, 2014 07-Aug-2014
    Monitoring of e-commerce nationally - a project begun in 2014 by the Office for National Statistics to consider how it could contribute, the consequence of a 2013 European Union e-commerce taskforce, chaired by Lord Young of Graffham.
  • Internet Access Quarterly Update, Q1 2014 14-May-2014
    Estimates of adult Internet users and non-users in the UK, by age, sex, disability, region, gross weekly pay, ethnicity and when adults last used the Internet.
  • Measuring National Well-being: Life in the UK, 2014 18-Mar-2014
    A snapshot of well-being is provided across the 10 domains of well-being, together with a brief overview of international comparisons. The report is the second summary of life in the UK to be delivered by the Measuring National Well-being programme and will be updated annually.
  • Internet Access Quarterly Update, Q4 2013 19-Feb-2014
    This statistical bulletin provides estimates of adult internet users and non-users in the UK.

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