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  • Measuring National Well-being - An Analysis of Social Capital in the UK 29-Jan-2015
    A baseline assessment of social capital in the UK using the latest data available - this article is published as part as the ONS Measuring National Well-being (MNW) programme.
  • Families and Households, 2014 28-Jan-2015
    Presents statistics on families and children by family type including married couples, cohabiting couples and lone parents. Also shows household size and people living alone.
  • Economic Well-being, Q3 2014 23-Dec-2014
    This release considers the measurement of economic or material well-being. It presents a dashboard of indicators and commentary that together give a more rounded and comprehensive basis for assessing changes in economic wellbeing, as proposed in the November 2014 Framework and Indicators article.
  • Measuring National Well-being - Exploring the Well-being of Young People in the UK, 2014 03-Dec-2014
    Estimates for 27 of the 28 measures of young people’s well-being and how selected measures compare across age groups, change over time or differ by gender, for young people aged 16 to 24.
  • Economic well-being - Framework and indicators 27-Nov-2014
    Presents the framework for Economic Well-being as well as a dashboard of headline indicators that together give a more rounded and comprehensive basis for assessing changes in material well-being.
  • 2011 Census: Coastal Communities 28-Oct-2014
    Analysis of 273 coastal communities in England and Wales using 2011 Census data on a range of topics.

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