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Topic: Balance of Payments

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  • International Trade in Services, 2013 30-Jan-2015
    A detailed breakdown of UK annual trade in services, by product, industry and country. These estimates are derived from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) International Trade in Services Survey.
  • Foreign Direct Investment Involving UK Companies, 2013 20-Jan-2015
    Data on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows, positions and earnings involving UK companies. The investment figures are published on a net basis, that is, they consist of investments minus disinvestments. Investments can include acquisitions of assets or shares and disinvestments can include the disposal of assets or shares.
  • UK Trade, November 2014 09-Jan-2015
    The extent of import and export activity and is a key contributor to the overall economic growth in the UK.
  • Economic Review, January 2015 08-Jan-2015
    The key economic stories from National Statistics produced over the latest month, painting a coherent picture of the UK economic performance using recent economic data.
  • National Accounts Classifications, Forward Workplan, December 2014 31-Dec-2014
    Classification workload for the year to December 2015.
  • Balance of Payments, Q3 2014 23-Dec-2014
    A key macro-economic indicator as it measures the UK's financial flows with the rest of the world.

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