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Weekly Provisional Figures on Deaths Registered in England and Wales - Week Ending 31/07/2015
The number of deaths registered in England and Wales in the latest eight weeks for which data are available.
Coverage: England and Wales
Geographic breakdown: Region
11 Aug 15
UK Trade - June 2015
Latest monthly statistics on trade in goods classified according to Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) as well as monthly estimates for total trade in services.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: UK
07 Aug 15
Index of Production - June 2015
Measures the volume of production at base year prices for the manufacturing, mining and quarrying and energy supply industries. These are seasonally adjusted figures on the index of output of the production industries.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: UK and GB
06 Aug 15
Internet Access - Households and Individuals - 2015
This release explores the use of the Internet by adults in Great Britain and draws attention to how households connected to the Internet. It provides useful information for those interested in what adults use the Internet for, the type of purchases made online and how homes in Great Britain connected to the Internet.
Coverage: GB
Geographic breakdown: Country
06 Aug 15
Who and Where are the Self-Employed Working at or from Home? - Census 2011 - CANCELLED.
Based on self-employers whose business is registered to their home address. It aims to highlight the key characteristics of self-employers with businesses that are home-based. We make mention of the top regions where these can be found, along with the most common industries and occupations. We also make comparisons of age and sex. The analysis is based on the 2011 Census data and we show our analysis in the form of charts, tables and pictures.
Coverage: England and Wales
Geographic breakdown: European (NUTS)
06 Aug 15
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