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Release: UK Trade, April 2014

Released: 26 June 2014 Next edition: 10 July 2014


Katherine Kent

UK Trade / Trade and Transfers

Telephone: +44 (0)1633 455829

Categories: Economy, National Accounts, Balance of Payments

Frequency of release: Monthly

Language: English

Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: UK


The UK Statistics Authority on 18 June decided to temporarily suspend the National Statistics status of the April 2014 UK Trade statistics publication (all other UK Trade publications retained their National Statistics status). This was because the Authority felt it was inappropriate for statistics based on known omissions to have the same status as previous statistics in the same series. The Authority also stated that they anticipated that once the April 2014 UK Trade release was updated to fully reflect the oil exports omitted in the original publication, National Statistics designation would be reinstated.

The April 2014 UK Trade release was updated at 9.30am on 26 June 2014 to reflect the oil exports omission that users were informed of in the original bulletin published on 6 June 2014 and the Authority has confirmed that this release has regained National Statistics status. Users should also note that in order to process the revised oil data, other very small revisions are also visible in the dataset. There are likely to be further revisions to April 2014 as later data are received prior to publication of the May 2014 UK Trade release on 10 July.

Latest monthly statistics on trade in goods classified according to Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) as well as monthly estimates for total trade in services.

These National Statistics are produced to high professional standards and released according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

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