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Release: Labour Productivity, Q2 2013

Released: 27 September 2013 Next edition: 24 December 2013
  • On an output per hour basis, UK labour productivity increased by 0.5% in the second quarter of 2013. Market sector productivity increased by 0.6% over this period.

  • Output per hour increased by 0.7% in the manufacturing sector in the second quarter and by 1.1% in the broader production sector. Output per hour in the service sector increased by 0.1% in Q2.

  • Whole economy unit labour costs increased by 2.2% in 2013 Q2, reflecting the high level of bonus payments in the quarter, and were 2.2% higher than a year earlier. Manufacturing unit wage costs increased by 0.6% in Q2 and were 1.5% higher than a year earlier. 

Labour productivity statistics in terms of output per worker, output per job and output per hour worked for the whole economy and a range of industries. The release also presents unit labour cost estimates, regional productivity estimates and experimental market sector productivity estimates.
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