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Dataset details: Labour Market Statistics datasetThis product is designated as National Statistics

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An error was discovered in the Labour Market Statistics dataset originally published on 18 April 2012. In this dataset the following four Claimant Count Age and Duration series were affected for the January 2012 time period only:

AGLX UK Claimant Count - total computerised claims - People - seasonally adjusted (000s)
AGNA UK Claimant Count: People - 18-24years: All computerised claims - seasonally adjusted (000s)
AGNG UK Claimant Count: Men - All ages: All computerised claims - seasonally adjusted (000s)
JLGP UK Claimant Count: Women - 18-24years: Up to 6 months - seasonally adjusted (000s)

All data within the Labour Market April 2012 Statistical Bulletin and accompanying Excel data tables were published correctly. ONS apologises for any inconvenience caused. 

This dataset contains the main labour market statistics data series. All of the series in this dataset are available in spreadsheet format from the labour market data tables. In this dataset Labour Force Survey (LFS) estimates are shown for the mid-month of the three-month average time periods. For example, estimates for January-March 2011 are shown as "February 2011", estimates for February-April 2011 are shown as "March 2011", etc.

NOTE: Selecting the "Download entire dataset" option will generate a very large spreadsheet.

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Designation National Statistics
Published date 18 April 2012
Coverage UK
Geographic breakdown UK
Source Labour Force Survey


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