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Sustainable Development Indicators, July 2014 (Excel sheet 613Kb)
Indicators and measures which provide an overview of progress toward a sustainable economy, society and environment. Published alongside the headline and supplementary indicators are assessments of change, both short and long term.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Country
10 Jul 14 Reference table
Domains and Measures, November 2012 (Excel sheet 2253Kb)
A spreadsheet presenting a range of data for the proposed measures of National Well-being.
Coverage: International
Geographic breakdown: UK
20 Nov 12 Reference table
Region and Country Profiles - Environment, 2012 (Excel sheet 646Kb)
Region and Country Profiles provides a source of essential statistics for the regions of England and the constituent countries of the UK (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). The tables provide a wide range of environmental, housing and transport statistics to compare the countries, regions and local authority areas.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Country, Local Authority and County, Region
31 Oct 12 Reference table
Proposed Domains and Measures, 2012 (Excel sheet 25Kb)
The attached table lists the proposed domains and measures of National Well-being. These were developed as an outcome from the recently held national debate. Further consultation is on-going and some measures may alter as a result.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: GB
31 Oct 12 Reference table
Supporting Data and Charts for Urban Audit IV Article, March 2012 (Excel sheet 141Kb)
The data and charts used and presented in the Urban Audit IV - United Kingdom Cities Compared with European Cities article.
Coverage: International
Geographic breakdown: Local Authority and County, Other area classification
23 Mar 12 Reference table
All Data for UK Cities, March 2012 (Excel sheet 240Kb)
Data for UK cities published as part of the Urban Audit IV project. Data is current as at 8 March 2012 - further data may be published periodically.
Coverage: Sub-National
Geographic breakdown: Local Authority and County
23 Mar 12 Reference table
Regional Trends Online Tables, 05: Environment (Excel sheet 485Kb)
A central source of official statistics about the regions and sub-regions of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland providing information on the environment.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Country, Local Authority and County, Region, Theme specific
08 Jun 11 Reference table
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