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Ethnic Variations in General Health and Unpaid Care Provision, 2011
This short story examines the inequality in general heath and in the provision of unpaid care between ethnic groups in England and Wales in 2011, taking account of the impact of providing unpaid care on general health, and whether this impacts more markedly in some ethnic groups compared with others. Analysis is at both national and regional level. This story is also accompanied by an infographic.
Coverage: England and Wales
Geographic breakdown: Country, Region
17 Jul 13 Report
National Bereavement Survey (VOICES), 2012
This Statistical Bulletin reports the main results of the second national survey of bereaved people in England, 2012. The aim of the survey was to assess experiences of care in the last three months of life for adults who had died between 1st January 2012 and 30th April 2012. Full results with confidence intervals are available in the accompanying reference tables.
Coverage: England
Geographic breakdown: Country
11 Jul 13 Statistical bulletin
National Bereavement Survey (VOICES), 2011
The National Bereavement Survey (VOICES) aims to assess the quality of care delivered in the last three months of life for adults who died in England and to assess variations in the quality of care delivered in different parts of the country and to different groups of patients. It is conducted by the Office for National Statistics on behalf of the Department of Health.
Coverage: England
Geographic breakdown: Country
03 Jul 12 Statistical bulletin
Regional Trends, No. 42, 2010 Edition - Ageing across the UK (Pdf 1245Kb)
The population aged over 65 is becoming a larger percentage of the nation’s population, supported by a shrinking labour force. This article explores regional and sub-regional variations in the concentration of older people. Population projections indicate the expected future growth in the population at older ages. The article also investigates measures of wellbeing of the ageing population including benefits and income deprivation, life expectancy, aspects of health and social care, older workers, and qualifications and learning.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Country, Local Authority and County, Region, Rural and urban, Super Output Area and Data Zone, UK and GB
08 Jun 10 Article
Health Statistics Quarterly - No. 31, Autumn 2006: Estimating residents and staff in communal establishments from the 2001 Census (Pdf 278Kb)
No. 31, Autumn 2006
Coverage: England and Wales
Geographic breakdown: Region
29 Sep 06 Article
Health Statistics Quarterly - No.12, Winter 2001: Demand for long-term care for older people in England to 2031 (Pdf 129Kb)
No. 12, Winter 2001
Coverage: England and Wales
Geographic breakdown: Country
12 Nov 01 Article
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