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Title Release date Type
Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, Smoking Habits Amongst Adults, 2012
Smoking rates, average number of cigarettes smoked and smoking during pregnancy in Great Britain during 2012. This release, using data provided by the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN), continues the series of releases on smoking
Coverage: GB
Geographic breakdown: Region
26 Sep 13 Report
Chapter 1 - Smoking (General Lifestyle Survey Overview - a report on the 2011 General Lifestyle Survey)
Data on smoking taken from the 2011 General Lifestyle Survey including questions on cigarette consumption, type of cigarette smoked, how old respondents were when they started smoking, and dependence on cigarettes.
Coverage: GB
Geographic breakdown: Region
07 Mar 13 Report
Measuring National Well-being, Health, 2012
Latest article in a series which aims to explore in more detail the different aspects that have been considered as important for the measurement of National Well-being.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Country, UK
24 Jul 12 Article
Smoking and drinking among adults, 2009 Report (Pdf 795Kb)
PDF download of Smoking and drinking among adults, 2009 Report, part of the General Lifestyle Survey
Coverage: GB
Geographic breakdown: Region
27 Jan 11 Report
Young Teenagers and Smoking, 1998 (Pdf 68Kb)
The last in a series of three surveys for the Health Education Authority looking at the attitudes and beliefs about smoking of children aged 11-15.
Coverage: England
Geographic breakdown: Country
22 Oct 98 Report
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