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Measuring National Well-being: Life in the UK, 2014
A snapshot of well-being is provided across the 10 domains of well-being, together with a brief overview of international comparisons. The report is the second summary of life in the UK to be delivered by the Measuring National Well-being programme and will be updated annually.
Coverage: International
Geographic breakdown: Region
18 Mar 14 Article
Local Area Analysis of Qualifications Across England and Wales
Qualifications in England and Wales using 2011 Census data, exploring variations by region and local authority. The data focuses on the proportion of residents who have no qualifications, degree level or above qualification and apprenticeship.
Coverage: England and Wales
Geographic breakdown: Local Authority and County
07 Mar 14 Report
Key Statistics and Quick Statistics for Local Authorites in the United Kingdom - Part 2
This statistical bulletin presents further key results for the UK population from the individual censuses of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The bulletin focuses on the topics of qualifications and labour market.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Local Authority and County
04 Dec 13 Statistical bulletin
Regional Economic Indicators, March 2013
In order to gain an overview of the economic performance of UK regions and countries, this article discusses a selection of economic indicators. In this release a particular focus has been applied to how the regions/countries have fared through the economic downturn that began in 2008.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Region
13 Mar 13 Article
Measuring National Well-being, Education and Skills
Latest in a series of articles which aim to explore in more detail the different domains that have been considered as important for the measurement of National Well-being. Focusing on various aspects of education and life-long learning.
Coverage: International
Geographic breakdown: Country
05 Jul 12 Article
Quality Adjustment for Public Service Education: Triangulation
Recent evidence on GCSE and equivalent measures of attainment in England. It reviews the implications of this evidence for the current methods of quality adjustment based on Average Point Scores.
Coverage: England
Geographic breakdown: Country
29 Mar 12 Article
Earnings by Qualification, 2011
Differences in the median hourly earnings of employees depending on their highest level of qualification, including the skill levels of jobs that are typically performed by people with different levels of qualification. 1993 and 2010 data are compared.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: UK and GB
24 Aug 11 Report
Regional Trends, No. 42, 2010 Edition - Portrait of the South West (Pdf 1468Kb)
The Portrait of the South West presents a wide range of information covering infrastructure, demographic, environmental and economic statistics for the region.
Coverage: Sub-National
Geographic breakdown: Local Authority and County, Region
08 Jun 10 Article
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