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Projected Life Expectancy

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Historic and Projected Mortality Data from the Period and Cohort Life Tables, 2012-based, UK, 1981-2062
Life expectancy (ex), probability of death (qx) and numbers of persons surviving (lx) from the 2012-based National Population Projections reference tables. These tables contain historic and projected figures for 1981 to 2062 on a period and cohort basis from life tables calculated using observed and projected deaths and population estimates and projections.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Country, UK
11 Dec 13 Statistical bulletin
Pre-release access for 2009-2011 Interim Life Tables (Pdf 16Kb)
National interim life tables for England, Wales and England and Wales, 2009-2011 pre-release access list.
Coverage: England and Wales
Geographic breakdown: Country
21 Mar 13 Report
What are the Chances of Surviving to Age 100?
The chances of surviving to age 100, the projected numbers of people surviving to age 100 using the principal, high and low variants and projections of future numbers of centenarians. Analyses data taken from the lx and qx tables in this release.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: UK
26 Mar 12 Report
Pre-release access for period and cohort life expectancy tables, 2010-based (Pdf 37Kb)
Period expectation of life: based on unsmoothed calendar year mortality rates from 1981-2010 and projected mortality rates from the 2010-based national population projections.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Country
26 Oct 11 Report
Period and cohort life expectancy tables - Period and cohort table index, 2008 (Pdf 65Kb)
The index views tables showing period and cohort expectations of life for the United Kingdom and its constituent countries (Microsoft Excel files, 122kb each). These life expectancies have been calculated using historic mortality rates (from 1981 to 2008) and projected mortality rates from the 2008-based national population projections (for 2009 onwards).
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Country, UK and GB
21 Oct 09 Report
National Population Projections 2008-based: Chapter 7 Mortality (Pdf 317Kb)
Results of the 2008-based assumptions of future mortality rates and life expectancy.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Country
21 Oct 09 Report
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