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Income Distribution of Individuals

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Middle Income Households, 1977-2011/12
This article compares growth in the median income of UK households with GDP per person, and analyses the sources of income and taxation paid by the middle fifth of retired and non-retired households.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: UK
02 Dec 13 Report
Middle Income Households, 1977-2010/11
This short article analyses some of the key trends affecting the incomes of households in the middle of the income distribution. It studies the change in median household income between 1977 and 2010/11 and compares this with changes in GDP per person for both the UK and USA. The article then looks at how the characteristics of the middle fifth of households have changed over time and how the composition of their income has changed during the recent economic downturn and over the longer term.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: UK
18 Mar 13 Report
National Well-being wheel of measures, November 2012 (Pdf 1051Kb)
The wheel contains all the domains of well-being and the measures contained within each one. In all cases the latest datapoint is shown and where applicable the previous corresponding one. The wheel also contains the units of measurement as these vary depending on the indicator used.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Country
20 Nov 12 Report
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