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An Analysis of Under 18 Conceptions and their Links to Measures of Deprivation, England and Wales, 2008-10
This article explores the most recent annual under 18 conception data using three year aggregates and averages. It highlights patterns in the data and explores possible reasons for these patterns. Under 18 conceptions are considered in context, with comparisons drawn to under 16 conceptions as well as selected population and urban aspects.
Coverage: Sub-National
Geographic breakdown: Country, Local Authority and County, Region
14 Feb 13 Article
Pre-release access - Quarterly Conceptions, Quarter 3 2010, England and Wales (Pdf 38Kb)
Provides the quarterly number of conceptions to women aged under 18 for England and Wales by regions and other local authority areas.
Coverage: England and Wales
Geographic breakdown: Country, Local Authority and County, Region
22 Nov 11 Report
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