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Cohabitation and marriage in Britain since the 1970s, Autumn 2011 (Pdf 284Kb)
The article presents an overview of trends in cohabitation and marriage in Britain over several decades, using a consistent set of retrospective histories from the General Household Survey 1979–2007. Time-trends are presented, for men and women, of: the experience of different types of partnership by specified ages, the frequency of premarital cohabitation, the average time spent in different types of partnership, the timing of life course transitions, and the outcome of cohabitation and marriage at the fifth and tenth anniversaries.
Coverage: GB
Geographic breakdown: UK and GB
22 Sep 11 Article
Population Trends - No 114, Winter 2003 (full version) (Pdf 840Kb)
Population Trends is a journal of the Office for National Statistics, published four times a year. It brings together articles on a wide range of population topics and includs the most recently available statistics.
Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Country
11 Dec 03 Journal
Population Trends - Changes in the distribution of marital age differences in England and Wales, 1963 to 1998 (Pdf 111Kb)
Assumptions about the ‘typical’ age gap between spouses underlie much social policy (e.g. the fi ve-year difference in men’s and women’s state pension ages). In order to test the basis for these assumptions, detailed marriage registration statistics were obtained for 1963 and 1998, for England and Wales. Age differences between spouses were calculated and analysed by year, age at marriage and previous marital status. The median age gap hardly changed between 1963 and 1998 but this concealed considerable increase in the proportion of marriages where the man was younger than the woman or – to a lesser extent – where the man was six or more years older.
Coverage: England and Wales
Geographic breakdown: Country, Region
11 Dec 03 Article
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