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Topic: Pensions

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  • 2013 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings: Summary of Pension Results 14-Mar-2014
    Workplace pension statistics from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) 2013.
  • Contracting Out of Private Sector Defined Benefit (DB) Pension Schemes, 2012 04-Mar-2014
    Occupational Pensions Schemes Survey, 2012, provides the data for the story about pension schemes contracting out of the additional state pension. This story covers private defined benefit schemes only.
  • Pension Trends Chapter 5: State Pensions, 2013 Edition 10-Dec-2013
    This chapter looks at state pension provision in the UK through the Basic State Pension (BSP), the additional state pension, Pension Credit and related benefits. It starts by examining the state pension system that is expected to be in place until 2016. It then briefly reviews the 2013/14 Pensions Bill and the reforms that are proposed within it. It concludes with an examination of the cost of state pensions, and projections of state pension expenditure, based on proposed changes in the 2013/14 Pensions Bill.
  • Occupational pensions – very small schemes, 2012 26-Nov-2013
    This short story about very small schemes is based on the Occupational Pension Schemes Survey (OPSS) 2012 and covers occupational schemes with 2 to 11 members. It provides estimates relating to membership, contributions, benefits and investment decisions for such schemes in 2012.
  • Occupational Pension Schemes Survey, 2012 26-Sep-2013
    The Occupational Pension Schemes Survey (OPSS) is an annual survey of occupational pension schemes, and is run by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The survey was first run in 1953, then in 1956 and 1963, and then every four to five years until 2004 when it became an annual survey. Until its transfer to ONS in 2006, OPSS was run by the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD).
  • Pension Trends – Chapter 7: Private Pension Scheme Membership, 2013 Edition 16-Jul-2013
    This chapter discusses membership of all types of non-state pension, referred to here as private pensions. These comprise occupational schemes for private sector and public sector employees

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