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Theme: Economy

Key Publications

Book: The Blue Book 2013, all tables (Pdf 762Kb) 31-Jul-2013
This contains a full version of all tables presented in The Blue Book 2013
Report: The Pink Book 2013, Part 1: Current Account Reference Tables (Pdf 124Kb) 31-Jul-2013
Part 1 reference tables, including the current account, trade in goods and services, investment income and current transfers
Book: United Kingdom Economic Accounts, Q4 2013 (Pdf 876Kb) 28-Mar-2014
United Kingdom Economic Accounts Q4 2013
Article: Economic Review, April 2014 02-Apr-2014
The key economic stories from National Statistics produced over the latest month, painting a coherent picture of the UK economic performance using recent economic data.

Latest Summaries

Latest Publications

  • Index of Private Housing Rental Prices, January to March 2014 25-Apr-2014
    The Index of Private Housing Rental Prices (IPHRP) measures the change in price of property rented by private landlords. The index is published as a series of price indices covering Great Britain, its constituent countries and the English regions.
  • Retail Sales, March 2014 25-Apr-2014
    A first estimate of retail sales in value and volume terms, seasonally and non-seasonally adjusted.
  • Summary of Index of Private Housing Rental Prices User Feedback 25-Apr-2014
    A summary of responses received from the recent Index of Private Housing Rental Prices user survey along with an initial ONS response regarding how the feedback will be taken forward.
  • An International Perspective on the UK - Gross Domestic Product 24-Apr-2014
    Recent movements in UK economic statistics in an international context. This note is part of a new series of quarterly publications each with a different focus, which aim to support the understanding of the UK economy by drawing international comparisons. These articles use a wide range of data, including information produced by other organisations on an internationally comparable basis.
  • International Compendium: Economy Theme 24-Apr-2014
    The International Compendium consists of three themes
  • Public Sector Finances, March 2014 23-Apr-2014
    The PSF Statistical Bulletin, is published jointly by ONS and HM Treasury on a monthly basis, and provides the latest available measures for key public sector financial statistics such as Public Sector Current Budget (PSCB), Net Borrowing (PSNB), Net Debt (PSND) and PSND as a percentage of GDP. These key indicators are provided on two bases. One set includes the temporary effects of financial interventions made in response to the financial crisis that began in 2007, such as the establishment of public ownership/control of several major banking groups. An alternative set of indicators, the so-called ‘ex-measures’, excludes the temporary effects of financial interventions.

Key Data

Reference table: Gross Domestic Product by Gross Value Added, Q4 2013 (Excel sheet 960Kb) 28-Jan-2014
This Excel spreadsheet contains the B1 data table and the quarterly and annual contribution tables that were previously published within the GDP statistical bulletin.
Reference table: Consumer Price Inflation Reference Tables, March 2014 (Excel sheet 1469Kb) 15-Apr-2014
Measures of Inflation data including CPI, CPIH, RPI and RPIJ. These tables complement the Consumer Price Inflation Time Series data sets available on the ONS website.
Reference table: Appendix A: Public Sector Finances tables 1-12, March 2014 (Excel sheet 275Kb) 23-Apr-2014
The following tables are attached here: PSF1. Public Sector Summary Balances PSF2. Public Sector Net Borrowing:by sector PSF3A. Central Goverment Accounts: 2013/14 PSF3B. Central Government Accounts:overview PSF3C. Central Government Account: Total Revenue, Total Expenditure and Net borrowing PSF4. Public Sector Net Cash Requirement PSF5A. Central Government Net Cash Requirement PSF5B. Central Government net cash requirement on own account PSF6A. Public Sector Consolidated Gross Debt (nominal values at end of period) PSF6B. Public Sector Net Debt (nominal values at the end of period) PSF7. Public sector finances: current budget net borrowing and net cash requirement PSF8. Public sector finances:Net debt (ex financial interventions) PSF9. Long run fiscal indicators as a percentage of GDP PSF10A. Reconciliation of Public Sector Net Borrowing and Net Cash Requirement PSF10B. Reconciliation of Central Government Net Borrowing and Net Cash Requirement Requirement PSF11A. Reconciliation of PSNB and PSNB ex PSF11B. Reconciliation of PSNB and PSNB ex PSF12R. Public Sector Statistics: revisions since last publication

Latest Data

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