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Subject: Deaths

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  • National Life Tables, United Kingdom, 2010-2012 21-Mar-2014
    How long will I live? Statistical bulletin that summarises and presents life expectancy data from the National Life Tables. Data includes life expectancy for the UK and the constituent countries from 1980-82 to 2010-12.
  • Alcohol-related deaths in the United Kingdom, registered in 2012 19-Feb-2014
    This bulletin presents the latest figures for alcohol-related deaths in the UK, its four constituent countries and regions of England. Comparisons are made between 2012, the latest year, and previously published data from 2002 onwards.
  • Suicides in the United Kingdom, 2012 Registrations 18-Feb-2014
    The latest suicide statistics for the UK, England (including figures for regions) and Wales. New figures are presented for 2012 with a back series of data covering 1981 to 2011 to allow comparison. The potential impact of the use of narrative verdicts by coroners on suicide rates at regional level in England, and in Wales, is also presented. A brief discussion of registration delays in relation to suicide statistics is also included.
  • Childhood, Infant and Perinatal Mortality in England and Wales, 2012 30-Jan-2014
    Annual statistics on stillbirths, infant deaths and childhood deaths occurring annually in England and Wales.
  • Historic and Projected Mortality Data from the Period and Cohort Life Tables, 2012-based, UK, 1981-2062 11-Dec-2013
    Life expectancy (ex), probability of death (qx) and numbers of persons surviving (lx) from the 2012-based National Population Projections reference tables. These tables contain historic and projected figures for 1981 to 2062 on a period and cohort basis from life tables calculated using observed and projected deaths and population estimates and projections.
  • Excess Winter Mortality in England and Wales, 2012/13 (Provisional) and 2011/12 (Final) 26-Nov-2013
    This bulletin presents provisional estimated figures of excess winter mortality (EWM) for the winter period 2012/13, and final figures for the winter period 2011/12, in England and Wales. Historical trends from 1950/51 onwards are also presented for comparison purposes.

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