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Subtopic: Regional Productivity

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Latest Publications

  • Regional Economic Indicators, July 2014 08-Jul-2014
    Regional Economic Indicators is an annual article providing an overview of the economic performance of UK regions and countries. The article includes analysis of regional/country data on economic output, productivity, incomes and the labour market. The drivers of regional productivity are also discussed with regional/country data provided covering the topics of innovation, enterprise, competition and skills.
  • Subregional Productivity, October 2011 10-Oct-2011
    Article providing experimental sub-regional productivity data for UK.

Latest Data

  • Region and Country Profiles - Economy, June 2013 (Excel sheet 939Kb) 19-Jun-2013
    Region and Country Profiles provides a source of essential statistics for the regions of England and the constituent countries of the UK (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). The tables provide a wide range of economy and labour market statistics to compare the countries, regions and local authority areas.
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